What a great pleasure it is to announce my new album DIVA. This year has been a real blessing for I was able to breathe and love the Berlin air and urban culture. This city took me to new places, also in terms of my own musical style. Yes, it’s Dubstep, yes it’s trap and there is some EDM shit as well. And glitter. GLITTER everywhere. Have fun and download my album for free. Just click on the cover. You may as well visit my soundcloud page and listen to the full album Diva Cover Diva Back

Soundscapes in C minor

Soundscapes in C minor is the effect of my latest musical and literary project. It was conceived during my stay in Berlin, where I drew heavily inspiration from trap, complextro, impressionism and pop music. 

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New Download Links

Updates: I added new download links, which will direct you to google drive. I deleted the older ones due to expiration.
Click on the cover to download the album for free.
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The Rapture EP

Back CoverThere is something scary about the Rapture EP, because it developed its nature on its own terms and conditions. I don’t even think I was there, when this monster grew and gained so much power (though there was always a self-destruct button that grew with it). I heard about the rapture about one year ago, when I was heavily into Gregg Araki and this biblical phenomenon was used as a satirically Leitmotiv in Nowhere.

It was Easter, church, the idea of making an album called The Rapture was forming in my mind. I almost heard the synthesizer stabs echoing from the great walls (I love reverbs), the choruses sung by a male choir…soulful and magnificent. I created a folder on my laptop with the album title and I waited because it was the wrong time (in terms of my psychological state) to do the rapture.

Spirits Having Blown came very easily to me, it was all about vomiting my creativity out and it was fun. There were no lyrics, so I could really focus on doing the l’art pour l’art thing. I finished SHB and the great collapse came, as it always does. I had to fill the sudden void, the constant solitude around me, it took me to a perfect place , a place where I could work on every single second of my new songs. I uploaded Summer Tear and Fly Away, though I knew these tracks were not entirely finished (and they probably never will). Time passed, I prepared everything to move to Berlin, and somehow Hold Me emerged, the last song. This track is way beyond me, beyond time and reason. I can’t see the bigger picture.

If someone asked me: describe your music Mike. I would say: Blue. Sometimes I see music in colours and my music is definitely blue. The rapture is even more blue, cobalt cerulean blue. Or I could say it sounds like a broken glass, you just hear the fragments but you will never experience the whole thing. The rapture has really a lot of micro-pieces, painful. I could not possibly recommend this EP to anyone. You could get hurt.   

I hate money, hence download it for free (63MB, 320kbps):


The second download link:



Close rapture2



Spirits Having Blown/Release

The time has come.

Please feel free to visit my soundcloud page or just download the zip.file for free here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6Bn8ZSSYmbBQkhPTEpzT1FYc1U/edit

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